Welcome to my virtual museum, it never closes so please take as long as you wish. The aim of this museum is to display military small arms from within Europe from 1800 up to the advent of smokeless powder. The firearms you will see are all fully functional, with most having been test fired by myself at least once with live ammunition.

It is not the purpose of this site to simply recite what is commonly known in books and elsewhere online, instead, my aim is rather to provide a brief description of each firearm in terms of technical detail and my own opinion based on hands on experience. One of the attractions of these firearms is their mechanical function, and as such, I am endeavouring to show how they work.

I will gladly welcome any suggestions, questions or requests for additional details. I can not photograph every single detail but if you want to see a particular detail of one of the listed items then please don’t hesitate to ask.

The idea is to spend time here browsing through the firearms as though strolling through a museum although there are various search options available for those in a rush.

The site has some stability Problems so may be down from time to time. I will be adding and updating content on a regular basis so please be patient and keep checking back!!!

Thank you to my 10000+ visitors! I hope the site has helped.